Fliteboard Ultra Explorer Package Series 2

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Strap in

For the ride of your life

Optional footstraps connect you to the board and the ocean like never before. (Plus, they help our product testers land backflips.)

This package comes with the

  • 75cm mast
  • 900 Flyer wing + Flite 290 Stabilizer
  • Explorer battery for 90 minutes of riding time
  • Flite Controller
  • Wing set includes Front Wing and Stabiliser
  • Premium Charger
  • eFoil Travel Bag
  • Fliteboard Bag
  • Accessories Pouch
  • 2 Year Warranty

— 4'2" 54 litres
— World's smallest
— Optional footstraps
— Late planing

Expert riders

Extreme Fliteboarding, without compromise.

Pocket Rocket


4’2” and 54 litres means the Ultra rides like an extension of your own body, making you part of the ecosystem.


Clean touchdowns


Meticulously crafted hull gets you planing and optimises touchdowns in radical turns.


Footstraps & leash plug


The world’s first eFoil with factory-fitted footstraps allows you to jump higher and carve even harder.


Technically superior eFoil wings


Flow and Race wings have been parametrically designed with the Ultra in mind. The best of science with hours of rider testing and feedback.


Underwater performance


Ride higher, longer, faster and turn harder – all with perfect stability. Our integrated foil and motor mean riders can feel the difference over other eFoils that have the motor clamped to the mast.


True Glide & Pro Tail


True Glide lets you catch waves and ride swells using the power of the ocean, while the Pro Tail cover improves performance and responsiveness. These optional extras are totally worth it.