What is Foiling?

What is Foiling?

A foil board is a board that uses a Hydrofoil wing instead of a traditional fin connected via a long shaft or mast. When the board moves forward, the wings generate lift allowing the rider to fly out of the water! Foil boards glide above the surface and can perform tighter turns due to the smaller surface area in contact with the water. Foil surfers use waves, paddles, or kite/wings to get speed to engage the foil and take off.

What is Wing Foiling?

Wing Boarding uses a specialized kite-like sail, but it is handheld and not connected to the board. It's essentially a cross between a windsurfing sail and kiteboarding kite with no rigging, no hardware and no strings attached! The boards can have a traditional fin set up or a foil set up for even more speed and maneuverability!


What is eFoiling?

Electric foiling is future of water-sports. Just like electric bikes/skateboards, electric foil boards (aka eFoils) are reshaping how we interact with the water. These specialized boards have a built in propulsion system that give you ability to control your speed and  lift with out the need for wind or waves! It is very beginner friendly as you don't previous need surfing or wing/kite board experience to do it! Surfers, skateboarders, or snowboarders will feel right at home and can start pushing the limits achieving speeds like never before (35kmph+) on their first few runs!