What is Foiling?

What is Foiling?

A foil board is a surf board that uses a Hydrofoil wing instead of a traditional surf board fins. The Hydrofoil wing or "foil" is connected to the board via a long shaft or "mast". When the board moves forward on the water just like the wings of and airplane, the foil generates lift that allowing the rider to fly out of the water! When the rises out the surface of the water it reduces the amount of resistance or drag. This allows the rider to achieve much higher speed and perform much tighter turns than non foil boards due to the smaller surface area in contact with the water. There are many types of Foil boards in production ranging from super ultra light boards, designed for tow-in wake surfing or using with a kite board rig, to large high volume stand up paddle board, for sup surf or downwind foiling.

What is Wing Foiling?

Wing Boarding is a new kind of wind powered propulsion system that has gained popularity in board sports in recent years. "Wingboarders" uses a specialized kite-like sail called a free wing, which is handheld kite that is used with out a body harness and is not attached to the board. It's essentially a cross between a windsurfing sail and kiteboarding kite with no rigging, no hardware and no strings attached. It's much easier to learn on an much safer that a kite-boarding rig plus you can use it with pretty much any stand up paddle board, unlike windsurfing which require specialized board with mounts for the kite.


What is eFoiling?

Electric foiling is future of water/board-sports. Just like electric how the electric bikes and skateboards have changed how and where people can take their gear, electric foil boards (aka eFoils) are reshaping how we interact with the water. These specialized boards have built in propulsion systems that gives you full control over your speed and the amount of lift you get with out the need for wind or waves! It is very beginner friendly as you don't need to have previous board experience to do it! You just get on the board gradually gain speed and you're foiling in minutes in your first session. The technology is also very eco-friendly as boards are powered by lithium Ion rechargeable batteries which are  able up to 90 minute, produce no waste in the air or water and much quieter than other sport vessels like jetskis or power boats!