FliteBoard™ Demo Sessions

FliteBoard™ Demo Sessions

The best way to figure out your rig is to come try it out with us in a private demo sessions.
For $500 you can get a 1 on 1 demo with any board, wing, and stabilizer combo you'd like!


Demo Models Always in Stock

We keep one of each board and wing on hand for customers to demo both at out shop. We offer onsite sessions as well as offsite demos (Wings only). We're more than happy to get you out on the water testing out the gear.

Best Spot to Foil

We have best location for foiling spot in the Bay! We have direct access to the water at our dock right on the the bay. It's never crowded with boats and its way easier than carrying the boards to the beach!

Customization options

With 4 different boards, 10 different wings, 4 stabilizers, and 6 different shims settings there are a lot of options that go into fine tuning your ride. We've have 1st hand experience on all the gear and can help you customize your rig to suit your style!