Fliteboard Explorer Package Series 2

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New series 2 board changes:

Removed all electronics from the Fliteboard. This makes it maintenance free, simpler and easier servicing, improves corrosion resistance and reduces weight.

Increased grip performance, designed lighter weight custom latches and colour coordinated with board

Optimized the wireless communication from Flitebox to allow the RF signal to travel through the board (patent pending) to ensure improved connectivity.

New colours (Flite Green, Silver, Pebble and Dark Green) as well as a high gloss finish to the carbon Innegra paired with a contrasting upper matte finish.

Integrated lightbar displays through the board providing detailed system communication to the rider (on and off the water).

Improved arming methodology for safety.

Less tools required to quickly and easily add/remove the prop.

Package includes everything needed to get on the water:
  • Fliteboard
  • eFoil 75cm (29in)
  • Cruiser wings
  • Flitecell Explore
  • Flitecell Premium 25A charger
  • Flite Controller
  • eFoil Bag & Fliteboard bag


Fliteboard: 5’8” x 28” x 100L. Volume 26.4 gallons/100 liters.

eFoil 75: The standard mast for Fliteboard and Fliteboard Pro. The longer mast length allows smooth riding high above the chop, and allows for an extreme turning angle without the board touching the water.

Flyer Wings: For speeds up to 45kph. Maximum efficiency for medium to fast speeds, and lighter riders. Suited to fast turns and higher speed, and long range exploration.

Flitecell Explore: - 40AH / 2.1KWh Capacity approx 90 min run time

Premium 25 AMP charger: Charges the Flitecell Explore in under 2 hours

All Fliteboards come with a 2-year warranty and the components are interchangeable, excluding the Fliteboard AIR which can only be used with a 60cm eFoil.