Fliteboard AIR Explorer Package Series 2

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High quality inflatable board. Suitable for beginners, schools, yachts use and commercial operators. Almost double the volume of the standard board to make learning even easier. Packs down for easy transportation.

Package includes everything needed to get on the water:

  • Fliteboard AIR
  • eFoil 60cm (23in)
  • Cruiser wings
  • Flitecell Explore
  • Flitecell Premium 25A charger
  • Flite Controller
  • eFoil Bag & Fliteboard AIR bag


Fliteboard AIR: 6’6” x 30” x 174L. 46.2 gallons/174 liters.

eFoil mast length: 60cm/23in

Our most user friendly option. When the rider falls it will be from a lower height above the water, with the rider also being less likely to fall on the wings. Suitable for shallow water conditions. Fliteboard AIR is only compatible with the 60 cm mast. 

eFoil Wings: Cruiser Wings

For early and stable foiling. Maximum efficiency for slow to medium speed cruising and heavier riders. Suited to tight turns at lower speeds.

Flitecell: Explore - 40AH / 2.1KWh Capacity

Flitecell Charger: Premium 25 AMP charger, charges the Flitecell Explore in under 2 hours

All Fliteboard components are interchangeable, excluding the Fliteboard AIR which can only be used with a 60cm eFoil