Bayfoils On the News!

"This experience is kind of like surfing meets motorcycle riding, and then there's the flying component" -Becky Worley ABC7 News

Last Fall we had the privilage to take out a couple local reports for a segment on ABC 7 NEWS Localish:

Here's a couple snippets from the article:

"You just hop on the board and press the on button and give it more speed," described co-founder of BayFoils, Danilo Bonilla. "With very little experience, and very little time, you'll be up and going. Kind of like flying over water."

"It's scary to start with, and then exhilarating. It's unlike anything I've ever done," expressed Worley. "This is a combination of that glide feeling you get when you surf with immediate access to it because it's motorized."

Thanks again to Becky and Janel for coming out and riding with us!